Why I'm A Morning Person

I started to become a morning person when I realized that the way I was starting my day was causing me to live in reaction to the world around me.

Before I started my current routine, I was sleeping in every morning for as long as possible, until my children came in and woke me up. My day began with meeting someone else's needs. Although meeting your children's needs is a good thing, waking up like this set the tone of the rest of my day to react to what everyone else’s needs before my own.

After a while of this, I noticed I wasn’t at my best, and realized that starting my day this way wasn’t going to work out. It was time to make a change.

I started by asking myself,
“What are my needs, and how can I meet them?”

One of my most prominent needs is for time alone, and solitude.

I love people, and I want to do great with them. However, I’ve learned about myself, if I don’t have enough alone time, I won’t do so well with others. In order to find my alone time, I decided to take advantage of the early hours, before anyone else was awake. By waking up earlier, I was able to meet my need for solitude, quiet, intentional connection with God, and for The Word. This immediately took a huge weight off my shoulders. I no longer found myself searching to squeeze time in throughout the day to meet my needs because they were met before my day really ever began!

As an advantage of waking up early and having my needs already met, I was able to slow down. I started to notice the beauty in moments and things all around me again.  I stopped seeing people and meetings as an interruption to what I really needed to take care of. (Time for myself and God.) I hadn’t even realized I was viewing life and people in this way until I wasn’t in a rush anymore.

Being a morning person is one of the healthiest, and most productive changes I’ve ever made for myself. Waking up earlier has helped me have the strength to respond to life around me instead of react. I’m able to start my day full and ready to give.