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Meet Seth


Born in Iowa, Seth Dahl grew up in a Christian home.  Seth had his first encounter with God in kindergarten when Jesus taught him to tie his shoes during naptime. However, Seth’s next major encounter with God wasn’t for another 20 years. Throughout his teenage years and early 20’s, Seth was lying, stealing, smoking, doing and selling drugs, and many other things associated with this kind of lifestyle. After hitting rock bottom, Seth was ready to end his life.  Before he could pull the trigger, Seth had an encounter with God that changed the course of his life forever:

“I was talking to myself and said, ‘I wish I would have listened to my parents. I wish I would have listened to my teachers. I wish I would have listened to my pastors. I wish I could start my life over.  I wish I could just be born again.”


It was then that Seth felt Jesus walk into room and say, “You must be born again.”  Seth vowed that if Jesus would change him, he would spend his life trying to keep kids from going down the path he went down. Seth woke up the next day a different person and completely delivered. Since then, Seth’s life mission has been keeping children from going down the path he went down – the path of knowing about God, but not knowing God.


After being radically delivered from drugs, Seth spent 4 years at Metro Ministries in Brooklyn, New York. He ministered to thousands of children weekly in one of the poorest parts of the country. This is where he realized his passion and gift for public speaking and ministering to children and adults. He later moved to northern California to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. He started a Sidewalk Sunday School program in Redding, similar to what he had done at Metro Ministries. Later he came on staff at Bethel Church as the Children’s Pastor.

Seth travels all over the world speaking to a wide range of audiences from children to children’s leaders, public school teachers, pastors, and adults. He lives in northern California on a small farm with his wife, Lauren, and three children, Brooklyn, August and Aero.

I honestly believe that if I had had the encounters over the years, I wouldn’t have needed to have the encounter where he delivered me from drugs. I’m here to make sure that every child I come into contact with comes in contact with God.


"I live with joy that I have the greatest job in the entire world.  I also have the most important job:  I shape what the entire world looks like in 20 years. Our biggest priority is to make sure these kids encounter God." 
-Seth Dahl