The Disconnected Dad: Wielding Your Influence

Hey, guys! I’m Seth Dahl. I am a husband, father of three young children, and pastor at a large church. If you didn’t already know, I’m on a journey to becoming “The Disconnected Dad.” I set apart 30 days where I lived without the internet in my home, logged the effects it had on my connection with my family, and now I’m sharing it with you in a podcast. The Disconnected Dad podcast is available to download on iTunes.

There is no replacement for a present father. In my last episode, on day 21, I told you that, statistically speaking, we get the most time with our children before the age of 12. I am unwilling to sacrifice that time with them for the sake of a status update. Sacrificing relationship for business is not true success. It has become a goal of mine to find ways to use technology in a way that sustains relationship rather than breaking it.

I’m now on day 24! I feel like my creativity levels are on overload! I’m always an idea machine— you can ask my wife—but right now I feel like my follow through is better than it ever has been because I actually have the time to carry out the ideas I have! I’ve often felt bad for even having ideas because I didn’t have the time to do them. The sensation of having enough time is creating an environment where my creativity can exist and grow.

That being said, I am moving back to using social media. I’m planning on deleting Snapchat, but I will continue using Instagram stories. My wife, Lauren, felt like Snapchat was the most invasive part using my phone at home. She said it felt like I was showing the family off, but not actually living life with them. Small acts like deleting Snapchat, are going to help me become the husband I want to be, so I can become the dad I want to be.

Stay tuned as my Distraction-Free-Dad plan unfolds, and I discover new ideas with those of you who have joined me! The podcast is available for download on iTunes! Don’t forget to Subscribe, Rate, and Review!