The Disconnected Dad: Setting Boundaries with Social Media

I recently interviewed Becky Thompson, author of “Hope Unfolding: Grace-Filled Truth for the Momma’s Heart,” and founder of Scissortail Silk—a Facebook community of 96K moms. The following blog is excerpted from Episode 1 of the Disconnected Dad podcast series available for subscription on iTunes November 18, 2016.

Before Becky’s Facebook page launched in 2013, she frequently used social media to recharge and meet her needs for connection with friends. Now that social media is her main professional platform, she has developed a set of practical boundaries in order to prevent the internet from stealing her attention.

Firstly, she turned off notifications. She personalized the settings on her smartphone, so she isn’t notified of every “like” and comment on her page. The only time she receives a notification is if she is sent a private message. This seemingly small modification guards her from constant split-second distractions, and it has proven to be very helpful.

Secondly, Becky only receives client interaction when she specifically logs into her business page. She still checks her page about once every hour, but this way she only receives influx when she chooses it. She also has administrative assistants who have access when she is unplugged or unavailable.

Though these lines may seem harshly drawn, they’re protecting both her family and her business. Her family time is for her family; when she’s with them, she’s fully present. Similarly, when she sits down to read emails or attend to business, her focus is not split. These boundaries allow her to give her undivided focus to whatever she’s doing.

We’ve all glanced at a text, gotten distracted, and then forgotten to reply. These kinds of boundaries allow our responses to be more whole hearted, sincere, and likely to happen.

This is a method I personally use as well. I only check my email, and sometimes even my text messages, twice a day. This ensures that my attention is given fully to whatever I’m doing.

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