The Disconnected Dad: Back to Reality

Hey, guys! I’m Seth Dahl. I am a husband, father of three young children, and pastor at a large church. If you didn’t already know, I’m on a journey to becoming “The Disconnected Dad.” I set apart 30 days where I lived without the internet in my home, logged the effects it had on my connection with my family, and now I’m sharing it with you in a podcast. The Disconnected Dad podcast is available to download on iTunes.

On day 25, I left my phone at home for an entire day. This is not something that would have happened before I started this journey. I seldom forgot my phone because it was always within arm’s reach. On the off chance I did forget, I would always go back for it. This time, I decided not to and, to my surprise, I was totally fine!

As you know, I’ve just completed thirty days of not using internet at home or with my family. Thank you to those of you who have followed along! If you’re just now checking in, you can still go back and catch up.

To say the least, my life and my family have been completely transformed. This process has shown me the real reasons that I reach for technology. It’s been a revealing journey. My connection with my family has been greatly enhanced. It has been an incredible and irreplaceable experience.

In this episode of The Disconnected Dad podcast, I will unveil my plan for reintegrating my phone, social media, and internet into my home. As this journey nears the end, I’m reminded of the question that started all of this. “How does my connection to my phone affect my connection to my family?” I’ve explored this question as well as others that have come up along the way. I love the results I’ve seen, and I plan to keep moving forward with less phone usage in my home.

If you’re interested in moving towards healthy relationships with your phone and, more importantly, your family, I encourage you to download the full podcast. You’ll hear the details of my plan, the apps I’ve found helpful, and what I foresee the future looking like. The Disconnected Dad Podcast is available for download on iTunes. Please Subscribe, Rate, and Review!