The Disconnected Dad

What would happen to my relationships with my family?
What would I do with my spare time? Is this even possible?!

These are the questions I asked myself that pushed me to disconnect from the internet.

Hi, I’m Seth Dahl, and I am the Disconnected Dad. My wife and I have 3 kids, 38 animals on our small farm, and I pastor at a large church. For thirty days I didn’t use the internet at home or when I was with my family. I challenged myself to disconnect from technology so I could reconnect with my family. Along the way, I logged my process, so I could share it with you in a podcast.

I really like social media, and I actually don’t view the internet as bad or unhealthy. I believe it’s important, fun, and essential to functioning fully in the world in which we live today. With that in mind, why would I disconnect?

Much of the population has some form of addiction, or strong pull, towards the internet. Early symptoms of internet addiction include:
• Drive towards interests, recreation, or social activity decreased or completely abandoned
Internet or social media viewed as a way to escape or gain relief from negative feelings

I know that I’m not always the dad that I would like to be, and I want to be more present with my children. I decided not to wing it anymore. This experiment had one objective: be a better dad.

With this series, I’m not trying to travel back in time to the years before smart phones. As I said before, I think the internet is a good thing. I just want to learn to use technology in the healthiest way possible.

Do you know how your connection with the internet is affecting your connection with your family? If your answer is no, I invite you to join me—DISCONNECT.

I challenge you. Come along for a night, a day, a weekend, or—if you’re brave—a whole month.

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Seth Dahl
The Disconnected Dad