How I Teach My Children About The Devil

I recently asked parents on Facebook about when and how they talk to their children about the enemy.
It’s a question many parents have asked me over the years, so I wanted to see what other families do with this.
I believe the how is far more important than the when.
If you know how to teach them, I don’t think it really matters when you begin. In our family, I have been teaching our children about the enemy from the time they were born.

Here’s how I started out

I would flip on a light switch and say something like, “Wow, did you see all the darkness go away?” If we lit a candle or had the fireplace going, I’d point out how the light is always more powerful than the darkness. I’d then tell them that Jesus called us the light of the world and when we show up, the darkness has to change.
When they were very young children, I didn’t actually teach them using the language of “the enemy” or “the devil,” but I taught them about the weakness of the kingdom of darkness and the power of the kingdom of Light.
Over the years, as I’ve sensed God lead me, I’ve brought in the language to teach them specifically about the devil, but by the time I did, they were very clear on the fact that greater is He who is in them, than he that is in the world.
No matter how old they are, or when you start teaching them, what you teach them is so much more important.

I asked other parent's on Facebook how they talk with their children about the enemy. They have some amazing ideas. Click below to find their ideas out.

Seth DahlComment