What I Learned From An Electric Fence

Before we owned enough property, my wife and I  boarded our horse at a nearby barn. We would often go visit our horse there. My wife would take him out and lunge him, groom him, and ride him. I would usually watch or go pet some of the other horses.
My favorite horse was a baby named Popsicle. She’d come right up to me, eat peppermints from my hand, and let me pet her. She was the first baby horse I’d ever been around. I loved that horse!
One day, I reached through the fence to pet her on the nose. All of a sudden, she freaked out and back away from me as if I’d hurt her. I had no clue what happened. Lauren told me I had just electrocuted her by bumping my arm into the electric fence between us.
However, I felt nothing, because the electricity had passed right through my body and into hers. She definitely felt it!
Of course, the electricity wasn’t good for me to release into Popsicle’s nose, but I realized something from that day: If you're connected to God, any time you reach out in love to touch people, a power you may not even feel is released.  It’s as if God has put a fence filled with His power between you and the world and loving them is the way you release it into them.

Seth DahlComment