Testimony: Holy Spirit Is So Much Fun!

Here's a fun testimony we recently received:
I was recently invited to do children's ministry at a local camp for a Family Fellowship Weekend. I used your 4 Most Important Things curriculum, and it was so much fun! When I talked about God being in a good mood, I asked the children if any of them felt they were a mistake.  Five of them put up their hands.  We then spent some time speaking truth into their lives and encouraging them.  One girl was weeping as Holy Spirit ministered to her.  For the rest of the weekend, her face was so full of joy and love. 
When we talked about being important, we split the children into groups and gave each child a crown (from Burger King). We prayed a blessing over them and called them princes and princesses.  Without any prompting, one of the groups of girls started praying over each other. One girl led a powerful prayer for all children with broken families.  Then they started praying for healing for those that were sick in their group.
After the session, It was so fun to see the campground full of children (in Burger King crowns) who knew they were princes and princesses!
The last night during worship, we were doing worship songs with coordinating actions. Throughout worship, every time I would look at this certain child, his face would light up and he would do the actions along with me. When I turned to the rest of the group, he would stop doing the actions.  So I took some time and spent a minute just looking at him; doing the actions with him and having fun.  It was so awesome!   He is in a foster situation so it was so awesome to see him full of joy.  
We had a number of other cool things happen:
One girl was very fearful after being stung by wasp, but after the children prayed for her a couple of times, her pain went away.  Another time, we prayed for fear or breathing issues, a number of kids put their hands up saying they felt something happening in their body.  A few of them said it was like a cool feeling came over them. The girl with the wasp sting said it felt like her arm was cold on the inside but hot on the outside.  I always thought healing showed up like heat, but they felt a coolness come over their body.  Holy Spirit is so much fun!  
I wanted to say I really appreciate your ministry and the curriculum you produce.  We did the ABCD's of Prophecy at the end of last school year. The kids loved it! Every Sunday, they asked if we were going to prophesy over each other.
Thanks once again and God bless!

The Burger King crown is from this message board posting of crowns.