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vintz the puppet:
immersing children in the joyof the lord

One of the greatest attacks the devil has launched against this generation is discouragement and depression, but Vintz and this curriculum are part of God’s solution to filling this generation with His joy! This is more than a puppet and a script, Vintz releases heaven into earth. Bring him to your ministry and immerse your children in joy.

Great for Ages 4-10

Included in the Curriculum:

  • Vintz the Puppet: He lives in a barrel and brings the message of God’s presence and joy as priority number one.
  • Manual: The manual contains 13 lesson supplements. Short lessons designed to incorporate joy into every week in your children’s ministry.
  • DVD: On the DVD is a demonstration of one of the lessons, as well as an interview with Seth Dahl.

Seth Dahl believes in raising a generation of children who are strong (joyful) in the Lord. One of his passions is for them to encounter God and experience His works, preventing them from living a life of Christian form without the Reality. Seth and his family live in Redding, California where he is the Children’s Pastor of Bethel Church.


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