5 Ways to Discipline your Children WITHOUT Spanking


In celebration of Win + Win Parenting hitting #1 best seller on Amazon in the Family Health section, I’m releasing a new series for everyone! Five Ways To Discipline Your Children Without Spanking, and this is the first one!

I’d like to start off by explaining why I think spanking isn’t always the best tool. The point behind discipline is to teach our children to make better choices, right? We want our children to be equipped to make excellent choices throughout their life so that they can navigate themselves and others without someone having to help them steer all of the time. We start delegating to the children the power to make choices very early on.

When I dress our baby every day, for example, I let him help. I’ll hold up his pants and his shirt, and I’ll ask him which he wants first. He can’t talk, so I’ll wait for him to acknowledge one of them with his eyes, and then I’ll put that one on him.

Our kids don’t always make decisions quick. Our daughter learned quickly that if she hesitates, and takes too long, someone else will step in. If someone else has to make a decision for her, she may not like it as much. Choices have consequences.

Now, it’s not that we don’t believe in spanking- of course, we do. It’s just one of the last tools we’d reach for in our tool belt. If my son took my keys and tried to drive my car, he would get a spanking. If the situation of him trying to drive my car had escalated, his consequence would be physical pain, because at his age, he would crash the car and get hurt. The consequence resembles real live circumstances and will help him learn. If spanking is the only consequence your children receive, it doesn’t mirror real life. If you lie to the IRS, you don’t experience physical pain - it’s financial pain. If you show up late to a job interview, it won’t physically hurt you, but you’ll have missed a great opportunity. Keep your consequences as realistic as possible. Try out letting them lose time, money, or opportunities next time if the circumstances fit.

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