They Can Do It

They Can Do It


This curriculum has material for 9 sessions, the first being an important introduction, and then eight further sessions to help children explore various aspects of ministry and receive some basic training. It can be used in regular Sunday sessions or as a basis for ministry training workshops.

  • Session 1 – What’s in Your Heart? (Motives for ministry)
  • Session 2 – Word Alive! (Preaching)
  • Session 3 – Operation Blessing   (Prophetic)
  • Session 4 – Go and Tell (Evangelism)
  • Session 5 – Heart Song(Worship)
  • Session 6 – Prayer Warriors(Intercession)
  • Session 7 – Prayer Team(Prayer Ministry)
  • Session 8 – People, People! (Pastoral)
  • Session 9 – Helps and Skills(Practical gifting)

This download comes as a zipfile with the contents in a PDF format. Everything is fully photocopiable. Music audio tracks are also included.

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