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How to Read
The BIble


For Parents:
This children's curriculum now comes with a specialized 8-Day at-home schedule, so parents can now use this at home! 

The at-home course will help you teach your children not just how to read the Bible, but how to engage with it, learn from it, and love it. The tools they'll learn in this course will help them know how to understand the Bible and connect with the Author through it.

The 8-day schedule comes with tips and instructions to help you teach this curriculum to your children at home. With flexible 20-minute lessons, you can customize how you want to incorporate these engaging lessons with your family.

This course is ideal for children ages 5-12.

For Children's Pastors:
This curriculum is included in the newly revised and updated Revival Kids Curriculum: Power, Prophecy, and the Word. If you haven't done the 4 Most Important Things and the ABCD's of Prophecy, we recommend starting here with the Revival Kids Curriculum. If you already have the 4 Most Important Things and ABCD's of Prophecy, How To Read the Bible is an excellent choice to finish out the quarter. 

This four lesson curriculum has been created to teach children not only how to read the Bible but also empowers them to want to read the Bible for themselves. The goal of reading the Bible is not only to know information about what God did in the past but to learn how He thinks, how He operates, and to experience Him in the pages today. Children experience exactly that as they learn these lessons, and they will enjoy reading the Bible their entire lives after learning the principles these lessons contain.

This curriculum is ideal for children ages 5-12.