Children's Leaders School of Transformation (CLST) - Volume 2

Children's Leaders School of Transformation (CLST) - Volume 2


Session 1: Growing Fruit and Killing Giants - Seth Dahl

In this session Seth teaches the power of being a son or daughter and staying under covering as well as staying in community, even when there's friction.

Session 2: Living in Extravagant Victory - Seth Dahl

In this session, Seth teaches the importance of aligning your view of yourself and your calling with how God sees you. The only limit to your ministry is what you call it. Not only is having vision key, but joy and drinking in God's presence sets you up for victory.

Session 3: Breaking Down the Nursery Walls - Amy Gagnon

In this session, Amy Gagnon goes over the practicals of how her nursery team ministers to children of different ages. She breaks it down simply with an overview for each age group.

Session 4: Developing Children to be Strong Leaders - Laura Griffis

In this session, Laura covers her teaching, training, and activation of 5th and 6th graders. Laura believes that by the time children are this age, they're tired of just hearing about Daniel, and they are ready to go and be Daniels. She shares vision as well as practicals for training and activating your children.

Session 6: The Value of Team - Brittney Serpell

In this session, Brittney gives practical training and tools for bringing out the best in your team.

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