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Looking for practical tips you can use at home so your whole family thrives? We’ve got you covered.


Win+Win Parenting book

Raising young children doesn’t have to leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. It can be a time you thrive and feel empowered while raising the little ones that you love. In a refreshing deviation from hearing only lists...


Arrows Parenting Class

This online video class is set up to empower you as a parent to lead your family spiritually in the home. Your whole family will grow as you do the activations together! Topics include healing the sick, hearing God’s voice, the power of prayer, and so much more!


Skype with Seth & Lauren

Want some specific advice for your unique situation with your family? You can get personalized one-on-one coaching from Seth or Lauren! You can do one session at a time, or sign up for the subscription with online community.

Parenting Coaching:
Skype with Seth & Lauren

Want some specific advice for your unique situation with your family? You can get personalized one-on-one coaching from Seth or Lauren! You can do one session at a time, or sign up for the subscription with online community.

Want to check it out and see if it's the right fit for you? Sign up for a FREE 15-minute consultation here.


3-Month Subscription

Get a 3-Month Subscription which includes:

  • An individual coaching session with Seth or Lauren each month.

  • Access to the private Facebook community of parents including weekly live Q&A sessions with Seth and Lauren.

  • Cost: $350 per month (save $50!)

3-month Subscription coaching


Let's Make A Plan Together


You don’t have to figure this out on your own! Seth and Lauren are excited to help you with specific advice tailored to your family. While parenting coaching isn't new to them, this is the initial launch of the Facebook community, so you can get in at the beginning for a discount!

how it works:

  • Sign up for the 3-Month Subscription (save $50 per session!)

  • Schedule your first session & fill out the simple forms

  • Join the Facebook group

  • Have the support you need ready to go!


It is possible to create the home life you dream about! Check out what happened for Sarah’s family:

Anderson and I started working with Seth last April and we could not be more thankful for the decision we made to invest in ourselves and in our kids. Working with Seth has brought us so much clarity and wisdom in blind spots in our parenting, our intimacy with the Lord, and even in relationships outside the home. I have experienced such break through in my thought-life as we’ve worked with Seth. Our home has become increasingly more peaceful, more joyful and more thankful. And the best part for us is how empowered we have been as we’ve worked with Seth, in the fact that we were made for this adventure called parenting and that we truly have all the tools necessary to thrive ourselves and to see our kids thrive...sometimes we just need a little help discovering them!
— Sarah, Mom of 2


How often can we meet?

The subscription includes three sessions total (one session per month), plus access to the private Facebook community of parents. Seth and Lauren will be doing weekly live videos where you can ask any questions you have in between sessions.

You always have the option to book an extra individual session through the website at regular price of $400.

What is the Facebook group like?

Seth and Lauren will pop in the group periodically to answer questions and connect with you. About once a week they will do the live Q&A where they answer your questions! They’ll let you know in advance what time the live Q&A is so you can jump in the group and ask your question. It’s also a great place to connect with other parents on your journey and get support from other parents like you!

How long does the subscription last?

We ask for a 3 month commitment for the subscription, and then you can either cancel or continue. It’s billed monthly on the same day of the month you signed up (for example, May 7th is your sign up day, so it’s billed once a month on the 7th.) If you’d like to continue your subscription after 3 months, you’ll be billed automatically (or you can go in and opt out at that time).

What does a session look like? What topics do you cover/help with?

The session will be customized to your specific goals. When signing up for a session, there will be a simple form for you to fill out to highlight what you’re wanting to work on, and that will be the focus of the session. Common topics include: discipline, motivating your children, creating peace in your home, creating balance for everyone’s needs, whining and complaining, helping your connection with your children, specific behavioral issues, and helping with your biggest pain-point with your children right now.

How long is a session?

Sessions are 55 minutes long, but you can also sign up for a free 15 minute consultation with Seth to see if it's a good fit for you.

Will I meet with Seth and Lauren both?

When you sign up for your first session, there will be a simple form for you to fill out. After reviewing your form, Seth and Lauren will let you know which one of them would be best to meet with for your specific goals. There will also be a place on the form for you to put your preference if you’d rather meet with Seth or Lauren.

I live in a different city/time zone, can I still meet with Seth or Lauren?

Yes! All of the sessions will be via Skype, so you can meet from the comfort of your own home. Just be sure to enter your timezone when you sign up for a session, and the calendar will show you times available in your timezone.

Do I need someone to watch my kids? Can they just be in another room?

The goal is for you to be free to focus on the session. If you’re able to do that while your kids have quiet time in another room, that’s great!

How much does it cost?

For the subscription with the Facebook community, you can get in for the discounted price of $350 per month.