Teaching our Children about Mindsets


Recently our family went out of town on a road trip. As we were loading the kids into the car, they began to complain, “Ah man this trip is going to be horrible! We’re going to have to spend the whole day in the car!”

I stopped them and said “Well, if that’s what you tell yourself, then yes, that will be true!” They began to ask me more about what I meant. I began to explain how we are in charge of our own mindsets. We decide our mindsets by the thoughts we allow and the way we consistently think.

We can set ourselves up to have a good trip by thinking, “Wow, this could be a great trip. I bet this WILL be a great trip. I think we’re going to have fun!”

When we position ourselves this way, we are “setting our minds” to notice the good things. Every positive experience we have will then affirm and solidify that. Any negative experiences that may come, like driving in a car for 8 hours, will then have to fight against the mindset you’ve already chosen! Therefore, making it much harder to fall into overall negative mindsets and experiences!

I told my kids, “You guys can have whatever mindset you want, but I chose mine already. I decided, since I’m with you kids and mom, and we get to do special things, that we’re going to have a good time. And I’m going to prove it to myself with every good thing that happens. If you choose a mindset that it’s going to be hard, that’s probably what you’ll get.

After the talk, our kids decided to change their mind about the trip. It is so important for kids (and adults too, for that matter!) know how to decide their mindsets. We set the tone for our experiences (and our lives) by choosing what thoughts are allowed to go through our head on a daily basis.

And in case you were wondering about our trip, we had a great time…even the 20+ hours we spent in the car!